Yoga therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a supportive therapy for a possible recovery process, 

both physically, but also mentally and emotionally. For everyone who wants to experience more connection between body and mind. 

You don't have to have experience with yoga.

With specially selected yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation techniques and mindfulness, 

we bring body and mind back into balance in a personal process.


Who is Yoga therapy for?

If you suffer from (pain) complaints

If you suffer from tension, stress, burnout

If you have a chronic or autoimmune disease

If you would like to connect more with your body.

If you think that you have (too many) specific (pain) complaints or limitations to immediately participate in a "normal" group lesson.

If you prefer to receive specific attention with regard to your (pain) complaints or limitations.

If you enjoy receiving a yoga class from a recognized yoga teacher with a therapeutic background who is also an experience expert in the field of (pain) complaints.

If you want a one-time lesson that looks at how you can perform certain exercises in your own way.

Yoga therapy also offers good support as supplementary care with medical supervision or physiotherapy.









A personal conversation in which we discuss the purpose of your arrival in an hour and what Yoga therapy can do for you. Then I make a tailor-made program especially for you.

Follow-up consultation:

Together we discuss the approach and go through the exercises. This takes around 1.5 hours.


Do you go to work at home or do you come once a week, 1 x in 2 weeks or 1 x per month (entirely to your own liking) to the yoga studio.

Later you can possibly join a yoga group class

If for some reason you cannot come to the yoga studio then we can see if I can come to you in consultation.

Intake 35 euros 1 hour

Follow-up consultation 35 euros 1.5 hours

Possible follow-up private lesson 20 euros 1 hour

If you have no complaints but would like to stay healthy, then yoga therapy can certainly mean something to you.