Give your feet the attention they deserve!
I graduated as a medical pedicure, paramedical chiropodist / podologist
As a medical pedicure, I am concerned with the care of
the foot and the treatment of skin and nail disorders.
In addition, I also perform specialist treatments,
such as the treatment of the risk rate, where as a result of a disease
(e.g. diabetes, rheumatism, spasticity) or other causes (e.g. old age,
neglect) there is an increased risk of complications.
Depending on the complaints of the client, I perform a
appropriate specialist treatment. For example, treatment of ingrown nails and mycosis or bump nails, removal of corns, wart treatment, etc. I also make nail braces and orthoses specially tailored to your foot and problem.
Orthesiology is the technique whereby the toes or adjoining foot parts are temporarily or permanently relieved by increased pressure or a deviating toe position. The tailor-made device, the so-called orthosis, is made of a malleable silicone material.
When is orthesiology applied?
An orthosis can be made to relieve pressure points (protective), especially on and between the toes or to regulate a wrong toe position (corrective).
An orthosis can be applied to:
  • A soft corn between the toes.
  • Pressure relief with a hammer or claw toe.
  • Corn formation on the toes or under the toe cups.
  • Protection of the bump at the big toe.
  • Morton neuralgia (is a nerve constriction between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bone.
  • Hallux Valgus (is often a painful tilt of the big toe towards the little toe).
  • NB! With a risk rate, the medical foot care provider often does not make a corrective / corrective orthosis. There are then too many burdensome risks for applying this technique. For example, wounds, inflammations or skin irritations may occur.
What is the purpose of orthesiology / orthosis technology?
The purpose of wearing one or more orthoses is to reduce pain complaints and to slightly correct existing toe complaints.
An orthosis can last a long time; if it is used and maintained properly. A lifespan of at least 3 months is normal

Nail brace technique

The nail brace technique is a technique used by the medical pedicure to correct incorrect growth of the nail by placing a nail brace.
A nail brace is a brace that is placed on the nail plate, the top part of the nail. With the aim that the nail can grow normally again.
When do you use nail braces?
Nail braces can be used for ingrown nails and so-called 'curly nails'. That is a nail that does not grow straight, but curls up or down on the side.
What does a nail brace do?
A nail brace ensures that the growth of the nail is regulated. This also reduces the pressure on the nail. Any curling of the toenail is negated.