Cleaning, skin analysis, epilation eyebrows steaming with vaposone, 

peeling, remove impurities, 

facial massage, mask, day cream. 

cream with sun factor 50+. (This treatment includes neck and décolleté) 


The basic facial , but with 2. 

Blissful treatment for partners, girlfriends, mother and daughter etc. 

Super nice to give as a gift. 



Cleaning, skin analysis,

epilation eyebrows and upper lip, steaming with vapozone, cleaning and peeling with skin scrubber. 

Facial massage, mask, serum Locking in active substances and improving skin with ultrasound 

Cream with sun factor 50+ (This treatment includes neck and décolleté) 


Cleaning, skin analysis, steaming with vapozone, 

Peeling with ultrasound remove impurities (max 10 min.), 

mask, cream with sun factor 50+ (This treatment includes neck and décolleté) 



We also offers anti-aging acupuncture. That is acupuncture for a younger and fresher look. It is an age-old form of anti-aging / skin rejuvenation without surgery, botox or other artificial substances. Already in 1 treatment result. A course of 10 to 12 treatments is recommended. For more information, go to
According to the teachings of acupuncture, the energy flows through the skin and stimulates the circulation of the skin. Also, the tension of the muscles is increased and collagen is produced so that:
-The aging process of the skin is slowed down
- Lift and strengthen weak muscles
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- Gives a healthy and fresh skin color
- Reduces acne
- Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
- Improves the moisture balance of the skin
- Creates balance between body and mind
- Can also handle other complaints that you suffer from
As a result of 1 treatment but for a lasting effect 10 to 12 treatments are recommended. The best result is achieved by a weekly treatment.
The first treatment consists of:
Cleaning, plucking eyebrows
steaming with vaposone, remove
dead skin cells with scins scrubber,
remove impurities,
Anti-aging acupuncture
facial massage, mask, day cream
A follow-up treatment during a cure consists of:
Cleansing, light scrub, anti-aging acupuncture,
Facial massage, mask, day cream
Contraindications to apply cosmetic acupuncture:
Transmitted blood disease
Cold sore
Recent cosmetic surgical procedures:
Treatment is possible: 
5 weeks after placing Hyaluronic acid fillers
3 weeks after placing botox
3 months after placing Radies fillers
This treatment is not possible with permanent fillers


If you want a boost or super boost for your face, then enjoy a microdermabrasion treatment.
Wrinkle formation, everyone will sooner or later have to deal with it. However, there are sometimes factors that can cause significant damage to the skin, such as persistent acne, surgical scars, burns, pigmentation spots, growth and / or stretch marks. They may experience a disruptive factor or a hindrance in daily functioning. With micro dermabrasion, this skin damage and / or wrinkle formation can be reduced to a minimum and visibly fade.
Most micro-dermabrasion is used to fade lines, wrinkles and give the skin a younger appearance.
Pigmented stains can also be treated so that they are hardly visible.
With persistent acne and acne scars, the micro dermabrasion can give the skin a smoother appearance and scars from cuts, burns and stretch marks are made less visible.
By means of a special vacuum technique with diamond discs, the old and dead skin cells are removed and disposed of in a sterile way.
The advantage of micro dermabrasion is that it is much more intensive than a scrub and much safer than a chemical or herbal peel. After the micro dermabrasion, the skin will repair itself with new and young cells. The result is already visible after 1 treatment.
With the micro dermabrasion you can refresh the skin in one treatment and make it look radiant. Or as a cure. To maintain the result achieved, it is advisable to repeat the treatment once every 2 to 3 months. The treatment itself is intensive, but as a rule this is not experienced as painful.
After the treatment, the skin may feel slightly tight and show some redness, such as with a light sunburn. A thin layer of skin has been removed, which means that a good after-treatment of the skin is necessary. The special lotion, the serum and the cream to be used after the treatment ensure a pleasant feeling and accelerate the recovery of the skin. These products are specially and fully tailored to the micro dermabrasion treatment.
The number of treatments can be determined depending on the purpose of the course. When freshening up the skin or with stretch marks, an average of 4-5 treatments is required as a cure. Multiple treatments are needed for scars or deep wrinkles. All this is of course partly dependent on the regenerative capacity of the skin and the home care of the skin with the special products in between treatments.
* Unloading treatment:
  Cleaning, removing impurities,
  microdermabrasion mask,
  massage, day cream or night cream 50 euros
You can schedule the treatment treatments to your agenda.
The first 4 or 6 turns are every 10 days and the
You can then schedule other turns
after or every 2 or 3 weeks.


The connective tissue massage
Connective tissue massage is an excellent way to improve skin condition. The treatment increases blood flow and activates the skin metabolism. The connective tissue massage is ideal for loosening scar tissue and adhesions and for improving and / or reducing sagging skin, poorly perfused skin, aging skin, wrinkles or acne.
Due to the firm massage grips in the connective tissue, the production of collagen is strongly stimulated. By bleeding the skin well, the skin is better able to absorb nutrients. With poor blood flow, wrinkles, adhesions or acne can occur. This means that the cell walls are almost unable to absorb nutrients and remove waste products. The Connective tissue massage improves circulation and thereby optimizes the skin condition. This approach gives you healthier and firmer skin with a healthy color.
The following effects are achieved with this massage:
- Improvement of the skin condition
- Stimulation of skin circulation
- Reduction of stress by lifting subcutaneous adhesions
- Improvement of absorption of active ingredients
- Promotion of cell division
- Reinforcement and new production of connective tissue
- Improvement of the skin structure and skin tone
- Reduction of wrinkles, crow's feet and scars
Treatment frequency
The treatment frequency is determined depending on the objective, your skin condition and the treatment indication. Usually six to twelve treatments are required. The connective tissue massage gives the best effect in a spa treatment. As the course of treatment progresses, the tissue becomes more flexible and the structure of the skin looks better and better. The skin gets better blood circulation and waste products are removed faster.
A course consists of 1 x per week connective tissue massage for five weeks, followed by a three-week break (the massage continues to work during these three weeks). Then, if necessary, treat once a week for three weeks. If necessary, the connective tissue massage can be extended to twelve treatments.
To maintain the effect it is recommended to come back once every 4 weeks or by replacing the classic massage with the connective tissue massage during the regular facial treatment. This takes 10 minutes during a facial. If you want to extend the connective tissue massage time during a facial treatment by 10 minutes, you pay 10 euros extra.
The treatment (about 40 minutes)
The connective tissue massage starts with a superficial cleaning. After the massage, the treatment is concluded with an appropriate day or night care.
Transmitted blood disease
Cold sore
Recent cosmetic surgical procedures:
Treatment is possible: 
5 weeks after placing Hyaluronic acid fillers
3 weeks after placing botox
3 months after placing Radies fillers
This treatment is not possible with permanent fillers