Foot reflexologie

Foot reflex therapy is the science that deals with the premise that there are reflex zones in the feet that correspond to all glands, organs and other parts of the body. Foot reflex therapy is a form of reflex zone massage, this is a massage of the nerve endings that are located on the feet and hands. Massaging these zones can relieve tension, stimulate the body's own healing power and strengthen the immune system. All reflex points are processed to bring the body back into balance.
Foot reflexology helps with many complaints.
Good results have been proven with:
Intestinal complaints
Neck and shoulder complaints
Back complaints
Energy shortage
Chronic fatigue syndrome (cvs / me)
Hormonal complaints
Fertility problems
Transitional complaints
Chronic cold
Cold hands and feet
Restless legs
Bladder complaints
Autoimmune diseases
Skin disorders (acne)
Etc. etc.
Someone does not have to be sick to benefit from foot reflex therapy. 
For many people, treatment means a boost. For others,
it is a preventative means of not getting out of balance.
Therapeutic foot reflex treatment of 60 min. 25 euros