Depilation / Hair removel

I use special resin for sensitive skin based on Argan oil which makes the skin naturally hydrated and silky smooth.

After waxing, I use a delicious cooling and soothing cream based on Aloe Vera.

We wax armpits, arms, lower legs, upper legs, bikini line (women only) and faces.

Tips for waxing:

* About a week (not later) before waxing you can scrub the area. 

   This makes the hair grow faster.

* Take a shower before you come to wax.

* Do not use body lotion before you come to wax.

* Put on old clothes. You run the risk of wax coming on your clothes.



Threading is a form of natural hair removal, with two twisted threads. 

This hair removal method is mainly used to accurately and beautifully shape the eyebrows. 

In addition, it is also used to remove other facial hair. It is fast and effective for a long time.

How does threading work?

The method of threading is actually quite simple: two threads are twisted together 

and clamp several hairs at the same time. 

Moving the fingers creates a roll of movement that pulls the hairs out of the hair follicles.


Threading treatment has many advantages:


Threading gives long-term results: up to 6 weeks! 

This is because the hairs are not broken down, such as shaving or hair removal creams. 

The root is pulled out of the bag, so that a new hair will have to emerge from a new root. 

This process needs time. Threading thus removes the hairs without accelerating hair growth or making the structure thicker.

If you regularly use a threading treatment, this will eventually damage the hair follicles. 

This leads to a permanent result.


Threading is very hygienic: new antibacterial threads are used for each treatment, which are discarded after use. 

The wires are also 100% natural.


With threading you have a better grip on the smallest hairs. 

This makes it possible to work much more accurately and the eyebrows get a better shape. 

This way you always have the eyebrows that exactly match your face.


Because threading does not use expensive ingredients, it is a cheap way of hair removal.