Connective tissue massage is an excellent way to improve skin condition. The treatment increases blood flow and activates the skin metabolism. The connective tissue massage is ideal for loosening scar tissue and adhesions and for improving and / or reducing sagging skin, poorly perfused skin, aging skin, wrinkles or acne.

Due to the firm massage grips in the connective tissue, the production of collagen is strongly stimulated. By bleeding the skin well, the skin is better able to absorb nutrients. With poor blood flow, wrinkles, adhesions or acne can occur. This means that the cell walls are almost unable to absorb nutrients and remove waste products. The Connective tissue massage improves circulation and thereby optimizes the skin condition. This approach gives you healthier and firmer skin with a healthy color.

The following effects are achieved with this massage:

  • Improvement of the skin condition
  • Stimulation of skin circulation
  • Reduction of stress by lifting subcutaneous adhesions
  • Improvement of absorption of active ingredients
  • Promotion of cell division
  • Reinforcement and new production of connective tissue
  • Improvement of the skin structure and skin tone
  • Reduction of wrinkles, crow's feet and scars


Treatment frequency

The treatment frequency is determined depending on the objective, your skin condition and the treatment indication. Usually six to twelve treatments are required. The connective tissue massage gives the best effect in a spa treatment. As the course of treatment progresses, the tissue becomes more flexible and the structure of the skin looks better and better. The skin gets better blood circulation and waste products are removed faster.

A course consists of 1 x per week connective tissue massage for five weeks, followed by a three-week break (the massage continues to work during these three weeks). Then, if necessary, treat once a week for three weeks. If necessary, the connective tissue massage can be extended to twelve treatments.

To maintain the effect it is recommended to come back once every 4 weeks or by replacing the classic massage with the connective tissue massage during the regular facial treatment. This takes 10 minutes during a facial. If you want to extend the connective tissue massage time during a facial treatment by 10 minutes, you pay 10 euros extra.


The treatment (about 40 minutes)

  • Cleaning
  • Massage
  • Creame spf50


Contra indications:

  • Transmitted blood disease
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Cold sore
  • Recent cosmetic surgical procedures:

Treatment is possible:

  • 5 weeks after placing Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • 3 weeks after placing botox
  • 3 months after placing Radies fillers
  • This treatment is not possible with permanent fillers