Only during treatments:

Price can be requested as a separate treatment or treatments

Waxing/epilation the eyebrows 
The eyebrows are treated withwax, so that all down hairs are also removed for a beautiful end result.
Tint eyelashes or eyebrows 
You can have eyelashes or eyebrows dyed for more expression and for a fuller and natural look.
Wax treatments
  • Waxing upper lip 
  • Waxing eybrows
  • Waxing jawline 
  • Waxing cheeks
  • Waxing chin 5 
  • Waxing Armpits 
  • Wax bikini line (ladies only)
  • Waxing lower legs 
  • Full leg waxing 
  • Wax back
  • Waxing chest/abdomen