Chemical peelings

What is a lactic acid peel?
A lactic acid peeling is the treatment for if you suffer from mild skin complaints such as pimples, color difference and fine lines. It gives your skin a boost for an even and smooth look. The treatment, also called milk peel, has lactic acid as its main ingredient. This acid protects the acid mantle of the skin and kills organisms such as fungi and yeasts that cause blemishes. A lactic acid peel can also reduce the symptoms of rosacea.
How does the lactic acid peeling work?
At the start of a treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleansed. The lactic acid peeling is then applied to the face. Once this has taken effect, it is time to rinse it again. A peeling can always tingle a little, but it will not hurt.
The treatment is concluded with a nourishing, restorative cream and SFP. A lactic acid peeling is very fast, so you are often done within half an hour.