About me

Hello todos
How nice to see you on my website.
My passion is making people healthy, keeping them healthy and making them beautiful.
From my early years I have been interested in the human body, movement and health and beauty.
During my high school period I started working at a gym. That makes my career started almost 30 years ago. I gave aerobics, steps and callanetics classes there and trained as an aerobics, steps and yoga teacher. During this course I learned a lot about anatomy and movement theory. I also took a course in nutrition at that time.
My interest in the human body grew and that is why I started following the Foot Reflexology and Massagology courses. Where I extensively learned the anatomy, physiology and pathology of humans (basic medical knowledge), and became acquainted with both regular medicine and alternative medicine. During these courses I also became acquainted with Eastern medicine. For me, one does not exclude the other. Every body reacts differently and it is a puzzle to balance that.
Because I wanted to expand my knowledge about feet, I started following the Medical Pedicure course (government certificate) where I learned everything about foot care, where as a result of a disease (including diabetes, rheumatism, spasticity, cancer) or other causes (including old age, neglect ) there is an increased risk of complications. I also learned specialization techniques such as orthotics, treating ingrown nails and removing corns.
I am also a qualified beautician (government certified) and make-up artist. In recent years I have been delving into recognizing and treating skin problems and anti-aging. And at the moment I am working on a master's degree in Skin Problems.
I mainly use products that are as natural as possible because this is in line with my vision of health.
Education and courses I have followed:
  • Medical pedicure/paramedical podiatrist (government certified)
  • Beautician. (Government graduate)
  • Foot reflexologist (Government certificate) HBO
  • Massagologist/Massage Therapist
  • Anatomy, pathology and physiology
  • Dermatology: * skin cancer * psoriasis and eczema *skin, foot and nail fungus *skin aging
  • Master medical skin problems
  • Master ingredients in cosmetics
  • Electrocoagulation
  • Visagie
  • Threading
  • Gel polish
  • Wax specialization
  • Nutrition
  • Aerobics and step instructor
  • Yoga teacher
  • Detox coach
  • Hot stone massage
I speak Nederlands, English and español
I hope to see you soon.
With best regards,