As a massage therapist / massage therapist I combine different massage techniques depending on your symptoms.
Body massages (both relaxing and therapeutic)
Body massage (Full back and front legs):
60 min. 30 euros
Massagae back, neck, shoulders:
30 min. 20 euros
30 min. 20 euros

Hotstone massage

A hot stone massage works with lava stones that warm up
to a temperature of approximately 45 ° C.
The heat from the stones gives a deep relaxation,
while the weight of the stones creates a pressure
that has a stretching effect on the muscles.
The thermodynamics (the combination of heat and movement),
causes the massage to work deeper into the muscle tissue. Moreover
the use of heat increases the feeling of well-being and security.
A hot stone massage is not only pure luxury but also works as a healing effect due to the lava stones.