More and more people who want to have children are confronted with the absence of a pregnancy. Very often no cause is found for this “reduced fertility”. Foot reflexology can contribute to:
  • Women who wish to get pregnant spontaneously and wish to postpone IVF treatments or inseminations for the time being.
  • Women who have to switch to IVF procedures for various reasons and whom we guide during the IVF procedure(preparation in advance and treatment around the transfer).
  • Women who have already had several IVF procedures without results.
  • In case of repeated miscarriages
It is recommended that both partners be treated.
In addition to foot reflexology, I give you or you as a couple specific nutritional advice, advice on the use of any nutritional supplements and advice regarding your lifestyle to achieve the best possible balance and thus increase fertility.
By combining the knowledge of the classical and the complementary approach, fertility reflexology can indeed make a difference. Many couples who inexplicably remained childless have been able to experience the joy of pregnancy and the birth of a baby thanks to integral foot reflexology.
Foot reflexology can also be very helpful during (not in the first trimester) and after the pregnancy period. A treatment is not only good for the future mother, but also benefits the baby. The pregnancy period, delivery and recovery afterwards usually go more smoothly and naturally
It can provide relief from various pregnancy complaints such as nausea, fatigue, constipation and back and pelvic complaints. Treatment can also help with postnatal depression or to prevent it after postnatal depression in a previous pregnancy.
Foot reflexology can even support a weight loss diet. This by stimulating the digestive system, balancing the hormonal system and stimulating the lymphatic system. In addition, it can be a moment of total relaxation so that one can again concentrate on slimming in good spirits.