What is orthesiology?
Orthesiology is the technique whereby the toes or adjoining foot parts are temporarily or permanently relieved by increased pressure or a deviating toe position. The tailor-made device, the so-called orthosis, is made of a malleable silicone material.
When is orthesiology applied?
An orthosis can be made to relieve pressure points (protective), especially on and between the toes or to regulate a wrong toe position (corrective).
An orthosis can be applied to:
A soft corn between the toes.
Pressure relief with a hammer or claw toe.
Corn formation on the toes or under the toe cups.
Protection of the bump at the big toe.
Morton neuralgia (is a nerve constriction between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bone.
Hallux Valgus (is often a painful tilt of the big toe towards the little toe).
NB! With a risk rate, the medical foot care provider often does not make a corrective / corrective orthosis. There are then too many burdensome risks for applying this technique. For example, wounds, inflammations or skin irritations may occur.
What is the purpose of orthesiology / orthosis technology?
The purpose of wearing one or more orthoses is to reduce pain complaints and to slightly correct existing toe complaints.
An orthosis can last a long time; if it is used and maintained properly. A lifespan of at least 3 months is normal
Orthosis small 7.50
Orthosis large 15.00 euros