Yin Yoga lessons
Have you always wanted to do yoga but never dared to take the step because you think it is too difficult, you are afraid that you are the stiffest or because you find it hard to move due to illness or injury? Then you are very welcome to come and experience the effect of Yin Yoga.
Yin Yoga is a soft yoga form where you hold the postures for longer. It is primarily focused on strengthening and relaxing tendons, connective tissue and joints; they stretch deeper muscles and loosen the pelvic area.
In my class, the Yin postures are alternated with short-term postures. Breathing and relaxation exercises are also covered.
Because the groups are small, there is a lot of time for personal attention.
Monday 10.30 am - noon Dutch spoken (Full)
Tuesday 10.30 am - 12 noon. English spoken
Thursday 10.30 am - 12 noon. English spoken (full)
Thursday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm English spoken
If the day and the hour you prefer does not appear, let me know. With enough registrations there is always room for a new group

10-ride ticket . This costs 60 euros and is valid for 3 months (13 weeks)

Single lesson 7 euros
Private lesson 20 euros
Lesson with 2.     15 euros per person (times in consultation.)
Lesson at home in a group. 50 euros per group (within a radius of 15 km)