Acupuncture Anti-Aging

Anti aging acupuncture

La Solana Beauty and Health now also offers anti-aging acupuncture. That is acupuncture for a younger and fresher look. It is an age-old form of anti-aging / skin rejuvenation without surgery, botox or other artificial substances. Already in 1 treatment result. A course of 10 to 12 treatments is recommended. For more information, go to

According to the teachings of acupuncture, the energy flows through the skin and stimulates the circulation of the skin. Also, the tension of the muscles is increased and collagen is produced so that:

-The aging process of the skin is slowed down

- Lift and strengthen weak muscles

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Gives a healthy and fresh skin color

- Reduces acne

- Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes

- Improves the moisture balance of the skin

- Creates balance between body and mind

- Can also handle other complaints that you suffer from


As a result of 1 treatment but for a lasting effect 10 to 12 treatments are recommended. The best result is achieved by a weekly treatment.


The first treatment consists of:

Cleaning, plucking eyebrows

steaming with vaposone, remove

dead skin cells with scins scrubber,

remove impurities,

Anti-aging acupuncture

facial massage, mask, day cream

A follow-up treatment during a cure consists of:

Cleansing, light scrub, anti-aging acupuncture,

Facial massage, mask, day cream




Loose treatment 50 euros

Treatment 5 turns 225 euros

Treatment 10 turns 450 euros

Treatment 12 turns 525 euros



Contraindications to apply cosmetic acupuncture:

- Transmitted blood disease

- Diabetes

- Cancer

- Pregnancy

- Cold sore

- Migraine

- Recent cosmetic surgical procedures:

Treatment is possible: 

5 weeks after placing Hyaluronic acid fillers

3 weeks after placing botox

3 months after placing Radies fillers

This treatment is not possible with permanent fillers