About me

Hola todos
How nice that I can greet you on my website.
My passion is making people healthy, keeping them healthy and making them beautiful.
From my young years I have been interested in the human body, movement and health and beauty.
During my high school period I started working at a gym across the street from us. I gave aerobics, steps and callanetics lessons there and followed training in aerobics, steps and yoga teacher. During this training I learned a lot about anatomy and movement theory. During that time I also took the food-learning course.
My interest in the human body grew and that's why I started following Foot Reflexology and Massagology training. Where I extensively learned the anatomy, physiology and pathology of humans, and became acquainted with both regular medicine and alternative medicine. During these courses I also became acquainted with Eastern medicine. For me one does not exclude the other. Every body reacts differently and it is a puzzle to get that balanced.
Because I wanted to expand my knowledge about feet, I started following the Medical Pedicure training where I learned everything about foot care, where an increased risk was present as a result of an illness (including diabetes, rheumatism, spasticity) or other causes (including old age, neglect). is for complications. I also learned specialization techniques such as orthesiology, the treatment of ingrown nails and the removal of corns.
I am also a certified beautician and make-up artist.
I mainly use products that are as natural as possible because this fits in with my vision about health.
In recent years I have followed many courses, workshops and refresher courses such as:
Yin Yoga teacher
Detox coach (Orthomolecular) Juices and detox
Various massage techniques
Hot stone massage
Waxing specialization
At the moment I am continuing to study Eastern medicine and then with the names yoga, nutrition and acupuncture. 
My hobbies are my horses, walking the dogs and yoga.